Friday, July 29, 2005

I'd recommend Doug Sahm

Content on ecommerce sites is usually bland ad copy. That's changing or at least it appears to be. Recommendations are becoming king in the CD online sales world. And, I like it. iTunes does this with brilliance.

Last week, thanks to lilihammer, I came across Music You Should Hear on Amazon.

Some of my favorite odd pairings: first the artist, then their must-hear album.
  • Solomon Burke: Christina Aguilera's "Stripped"
  • Backstreet Boy Nick Carter: The Dead's "Touch of Grey"
  • Ben Folds: Every pick from this happy bore is shockingly good
  • Engelbert Humperdinck: Two albums--one live, one greatest hits-- from the next-Dinck, Robbie Williams
I also give Elvis Costello credit for acknowledging an album from one of the all-time great lesser-knowns, Doug Sahm. In the '60s, Sahm's band The Sir Douglas Quintet was said to be a favorite of Bob Dylan's, a fact Sahm (rhymes with 'mom') never forgot to bring up during a show. It is also Sahm's voice you hear on the Uncle Tupelo cover of the Sahm-penned, "Give Back the Key to My Heart."

In November of '99, Sahm died of a heart attack in a New Mexico hotel during one of his regular pilgrimages to baseball's spring training. The message Sahm left on his answering machine before heading out on his trip closes the album Costello recommends. Listen at the end of "Texas Me," and you will hear it.

The rest of the MYSH picks are predictable, but worth a look. And don't get me wrong, Amazon won't replace Mojo as my must-have music source. I just like the trend.


At 12:02 AM, Blogger Satisfied '75 said...

Amazon rocks. I really do check the user reviews prior to buying an album. I have probbaly written about 75 reviews on Amazon since 2000, but they are no longer on the website (bastards).

Did you see the backstreet boy considered Hysteria one of the best albums of all time??


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