Saturday, August 20, 2005

They bop

Ohio's The Sun makes a video fitting for Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself, Cyndi Lauper's "She Bop" and The Divinyls' "I Touch Myself."


At 12:33 PM, Blogger jsbankston said...

I don't know about anyone else, but when I try to watch the video all I get is a stupid ad. I was able to watch the Green Day anti-war video they have on the same page, though.

At 12:48 PM, Blogger TripleJ said...

1. Click Skid Ad to right corner. The full screen ad will disappear.
2. Click Watch now in green under the thumbnail image.
3. You will probably have to watch a 30-sec ad (how they make their money). Then a music video from The Sun will appear.

Think video homage to Michael Jackson's "Black or White" but for the songs I listed above.

Or just skip this post and there will be a different lead post soon enough.

At 3:52 PM, Blogger jsbankston said...

No such luck. I can't find anything that'll let me skip the ad. I've been clicking the green "Watch Now" but all I get is the ad. But like I said, I can watch other videos okay. Don't know what the deal is.

Speaking of wanking songs, why hasn't anyone covered "Turning Japanese" by The Vapors?

At 8:50 PM, Anonymous JJones said...

I was able to watch the video. In fact I watched it twice. Loved it. Much more interesting than Billy Idol or Cyndi Lauper.

In fact I don't even remember the song the video was set too. I just remember the faces :-o


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